Since 2008

In 2008, we moved to Tennessee. We bought another wall unit/entertainment cetnter to house all the equipment in.


A new entertainment center holds all the current components

A New TV. A New Receiver

I have only made two changes in the last ten years: one oot of necessity, one out of good fortune. First, we had to replace the Sony television. After a few years, one of the color guns started to go out, so we bought a Samsung 60" flat-screen to replace it. Because of technology advances, the Samsung has a very thin frame, allowing us to have a bigger picture in the same size cabinet. Second, while shopping a store called Bargain Hunt I found an open-box Onkyo TX RZ-800 receiver. The TX-RZ800 is a 7.2 channel, 125 watts-per-channel audio-video monster The list price for the Onkyo was $1299. I paid less than half that. I loved the Outlaw, and hated to give it up. I sold it to make room for the Onkyo.

Samsung TV

Samsung 60" flat-screen TV

Onkyo RZ-800

Onkyo TX RZ-800

Onkyo RZ-800

Audio-video connections

current system

My current setup

My current system consists of:

  • Pioneer turntable
  • Onkyo AV receiver
  • Panasonic blu-Ray DVD
  • dbx 3bx sound processor
  • Sony 400-disc DVD changer

Equipment not shown:

  • Kenwood 200-disc CD player
  • JVC Super VHS VCR
  • Parasound SCAMP
  • Parasound HCA=1205A

  • Definitive Technologys BP6s
  • Polk Audio center channel
  • Polk Audio surrounds
  • Polk Audio 8" subs x 2