1989 - 1998

I got married in 1986 and joined the military in 1988, In 1989, I finished my technical job training and we moved in to military base housing. I set up the audio portion and the video portion in two separate rooms. The TV and VCR were set up in the living room, and the stereo portion was in the dining room.

My second Home theater

 The VCR and a new TV

My second Home theater

 Audio in the dining room

A New TV and a CD Player

The bulky Philco television was left behind and we bought a new Sears 21" color monitor with A/V inputs to take its place. We were young, just starting out, and had to ask for an increase in our credit line to buy the $300 television.

On the audio side, my system remained the same with the exception of the purchase of our first Compact Disc (CD) player. In 1980 the time, music was sold mainly in two formats: vinyl record albums or cassette tapes. The CD was a relatively new invention. The first CD was released in 1982, but CDs didn't become popular until 1984. Our first CD player was a Sony 5-CD Carousel Changer, and we had only one CD to play in it.

Can you guess what our first CD was?

Sears TV

Sears 21" color TV

Sony CD

Sony five-disc
CD player