WBNK is an imaginary television station created by my brother, Kevin and I (hence the name: W B 'n K). WBNK showcases our collection of strange and yet oddly amusing videos made from our high-school and early college days. These short clips were made with Super-8 and VHS-C cameras and were based mainly on sight gags and the humor of the popular Saturday Night Live (SNL) television skits. The following is what a normal day of broadcast programming might look like for WBNK. It begins with our early works and ends with recent broadcast parodies from SNL, Comedy Central, and Public Broadcasting System (PBS).


5:45 WBNK Station Identification (1984).
5:50 Introduction to WBNK, regulatory information, and the beginning of the official programming day (1984).
6:00 All the events that happened while you were asleep, with a cameo appearance by my father, Ralph Lawson as the weatherman (1984).
-- A Commercial (1985).
7:00 A Health, Exercise and Fitness program starring the Biggs Brothers, Tim and Tom (1985).
-- A Commercial (1985).
-- A Commercial (1985).
8:00 Your chance to win up to $5.00, count'em... $5! (1984).
-- Station Identification (1985).
9:00 A Country Music Infomercial (1985).
-- Rachael's Public Service Announcement (2011).
-- Introduction to the Afternoon Movies (1985).
11:00 Terrorist Martini Crimson attempts a kidnapping for ransom. Starring George Davisson and Kevin Lawson (1979).
-- A Commercial (1985).
-- A Commercial (1985).
1:00 A 1982 silent movie about the difficulty of running an errand to pick up milk. With cameos by Jeffrey Brewer as a child run over and Rhonda Ogle as the wife. (1985).
-- A Commercial (1974).
-- A modified Electronics Data Systems (EDS) Superbowl Commercial (2000).
3:00 A PBS parody of their popular TV remodeling show, This Old House (1988).
-- A SNL Commercial featuring Jason Momoa (2018).
-- A SNL Commercial (2017).
4:00 Nick Jonas and Heidi Gardner host SNL's HGTV remodel of a home for two young single buds (2021).
-- A modified Smart Beep Beeper Commercial (2008).
-- A Commercial (year).
5:00 A Game show for those with below-average smarts. Hosted by Jay Leno (year).
-- Station Identification (1985).
6:00 Another episode of the game show for those with below-average smarts. Hosted by Jay Leno (year).
-- A Commercial with the kids (2021).
7:00 A well-intentioned husband fails to please his spouse on their anniversary and suffers the repercussions. Sponsored by J.C. Penny (2008).
-- A SNL Commercial featuring Dwayne Johnson (2017).
-- A Comedy Central Commercial by Key and Peele (2012).
9:00 In this sequel to The Doghouse, Donnie discovers "the secret" and is able to slip effortlessly in and out of "the Doghouse." Sponsored by J.C. Penny (2009).
-- A SNL Commercial (2019).
-- A SNL Commercial (2004).
11:00 "Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife; and hide yo' husband, 'cause there's a rapist in Lincoln Park" - Antoine Dodson (2010).
12:00 A Commercial (2021).